logo is a network of artists and groups who make the Solidarity Economy irresistible.

Our Vision

Artists who are fed up with the current system are connected and know their power. There is a hub where artists get money, ideas, and tools to strengthen their communities. is part of the movement to remember future art worlds with community-control at the core.

Our Mission

We are working for a future in which artists closest to the pain of an extractive economy know their power and use it to dismantle the current system. We resource a community of artists committed to building the art worlds we want. is located in the U.S. but is rooted in the international Solidarity Economy movement.

Who Are We is a collective that exists to grow an arts/culture movement rooted in solidarity by centering artists and cultural workers making systems-change irresistible. In 2021, we launched with a report and held Study-into-Action with 105 cultural innovators and collaborated with Grantmakers in the Arts for our Move the Money Series. Listen to our podcast and take free online courses. Find us on IG or Twitter.

We provide resources and events for grantmakers working on economic justice in the arts.

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Solidarity Not Charity: A Rapid Report

This report, commissioned by Grantmakers in the Arts, is about the ways that arts and culture grantmakers can engage in systems-change work. The cultural sector is actively seeking alternatives to business-as-usual to create economic and racial justice in the sector and beyond. Grantmakers can play a role in the transformation of the sector by following the lead of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, disabled, queer, trans, and working class creatives who are innovating models for self-determination and community wealth. For specific suggestions, see the full report.

Introduction to the Solidarity Economy

We provide artists working on economic justice with resources, money, ideas, and tools.


We produced a a pilot season podcast about the Solidarity Economy and the artists and culture workers who are building it in their communities.

Listen to the podcast here.


Creatives around the world are working together, placing people and the planet over profit to create thriving homes, businesses, investments, and creative work. You can too.

Take our online courses for free right here.

If you would like to learn about the solidarity economy right now, we suggest that everyone reads these texts and attends Economics for Emancipation.

The cultural economy we want already exists — and can be strengthened with intention.

Solidarity Economy & Culture

Here are a few examples of arts and culture groups and initiatives in the Solidarity Economy. As shown throughout the report, all networks and infrastructure in the Solidarity Economy—regardless of their emphasis on arts and culture—will support artists and culture-bearers. See the list below and add yourself to these examples.

Land and Housing

Community Land Trusts: Community Arts Stabilization Trust, Oakland CLT, Cooper Square Community Land Trust

Cooperative Housing: East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative*, Greene Street Artists, Emeryville Artists Co-op

Cooperative Co-working Space: The Artist Co-op, Soft Surplus, Prime Produce

Cooperative Venue: Tianguis de la Raza_, U Street Music Hall (closed), Network of Ensemble Theaters

Cooperative Store / Gallery: Dutch Alley Artists Co-op, A.I.R Gallery, Ujamaa Collective, ARTZ (Ancestral Rich Treasures of Zuni) Cooperative, Qualla Arts & Crafts,_ Art Center Cooperative, Aarhus Makers, Ulična galerija 

Cooperative Studios: Talking Dolls, Adaept

Cooperative Recording Spaces: Live Musicians Co-op

Cooperative Darkrooms: Lone Star Darkroom, Bushwick Community Darkroom, Clay Art Pottery Co-op

Cohousing and Intentional Communities: Convent Arts Community, MilePost 5

Cooperative Co-working, Retreat, Residency, or Landback Network: ZEAL, Activation Residency, Flux Factory, The Weavers Project, Soul Fire Farm, Yo Mama’s House, Black [Space Residency, Land Relationships Super Collective_

_ = majority BIPOC membership

Work and Labor

Worker Cooperatives, News and Media: Cafeteria Radio, Means TV, Media Reparations, Associated Press, Devil Strip, Discourse Blog

Worker Cooperatives, Architectural Design and Construction: Earth-Bound Building_, Oxbow Design Build

Worker Cooperatives, Craft: Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass, and so many more, including over 300 craft cooperatives.

Worker Cooperatives, Fashion: Custom Collaborative,_ Friends of Light 

Worker Cooperatives, Printmaking: Cards by Dé, Story 2 Designs, JustSeeds, Radix Media

Worker Cooperatives, Graphic Design: Story2Designs,* Surplus Plus_, TESA, Partner & Partners

Worker Cooperatives, Film + VR + Tech + Audio + Video Games: CRUX, Emma, The Sound Co-op, MOXI, Meerkat Media_, GlorySociety, Agaric*

Worker Cooperatives, Beauty: Mirror Beauty Cooperative, Brown Beauty Co-op, Salon Cooperative

Worker Cooperatives, , Music, Dance, Theatre: Ujima Theatre Company, Obvious Agency, Rhythm Conspiracy_, The Team,  the COOP

Worker Cooperatives, Orchestra: Pro Arte Orchestra of Boston, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

Multi-stakeholder Cooperatives: Happy Family Night Market

Producer Cooperatives: 200 Million Artisans, Justseeds

Time Banking: Metasofa Arts Community, Kolanut Collaborative

Mutual Aid: NDN Collective, Sol Collective

Barter Systems and Non-Monetary Exchange: O+ Festival

_ = majority BIPOC membership

Money and Finance

Participatory Budgeting: Runway, Participatory Budgeting Project

Credit Unions: Actors Federal Credit Union

Community currencies: Circles, Tandas

CDFIs: The Working World, SeedCommons, First People’s Fund, Oweesta Corporation

Community Loan Fund: Boston Ujima Project, Black Farmer Fund

Solidarity Philanthropy and Grantmaking: Center for Economic Democracy, The Weavers Project, AmbitioUS, NDNCollective, Intercultural Leadership Institute

Democratic Loan Funds and Grants: Boston Ujima Project, NDN Collective, Runway, First People’s Fund, Black Artist Fund*, Seed Commons, Common Future (* = majority BIPOC membership)

Cooperative Billing and Accounting: Freelancer Guilded*, ArtsPool, Open Collective (* = majority BIPOC membership)

Cooperative Insurance: Guilded, Open Collective Foundation, ArtsPool ( = majority BIPOC membership)

Cooperative Marketing: 200 Million Artisans*, BlacSpace Cooperative* (* = majority BIPOC membership)

Patronage Cooperatives: Ampled, Resonate, Catalytic Sound

Unions and Guilds: Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Actors, Freelancers Union, Art Guild of Tellico Village

UBI / UBA / GBI: Creatives Rebuild New York, Springboard for the Arts UBI, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts UBI

Energy and Utilities

Community Solar: Soulardarity

Community Broadband: Institute for Local Self Reliance’s MuniNetworks

Energy Democracy: Uprose Brooklyn

Food and Farming

Community Gardens: All community gardens!

Community Supported Agriculture: All CSAs!

Food and Farm Co-ops: Soul Fire Farm, Double Edge Theatre, Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive (CoFED), Acres of Ancestry

Community Fridges: All Community fridges!

Media & Technology

Worker-Owned News Media: Media Reparations, Associated Press, Devil Strip

Community Radio: KOJH 104.7 FM (Mutual Musicians Foundation)

Platform Cooperatives: CRUX, Guilded, Ampled, and internationally Stocksy in Canada, Smart in Belgium, Arctic Co-ops in Canada, and Doc Servizi in Italy

Solutions Journalism: Solutions Journalism Network

Open Source: Mozilla, Wikipedia

Copyleft: Creative Commons

Cooperative and Collective Study Groups: Repaired Nations,* GEEX, Anti- capitalism for Artists, Architecture Beyond Capitalism, Dark Study, Dark Matter University, Dark Laboratory,_ Artists Dismantling Capitalism, Cooperation Humboldt, School of Art, Culture, and Resistance, Arts, Culture, and Care in the Solidarity Economy Working Group_, (closed), and so many more

_ = majority BIPOC membership

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